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About Me



Hi! I'm Hunter. I'm in 2nd Grade and this is my first business. I'm only 7 and I already have 3 little siblings. So, in this house, we know how to have fun! I'm really close to my cousins too who are between 7 and 12 years old. I love playing sports, chess and anything related to Harry Potter. I live in a state that loves ice cream, the beach and nature so naturally my first business would combine all of those. 

We started a tradition in our family called "Sundae Sundays" where we all build our own ice cream sundaes with a lot of fun toppings. We have so much fun with each other after a long week. Then, I had the idea that I wanted to spread this happiness to other families and friends. I noticed that COVID-19 is making everyone spend too much time at their computers and feeling too much stress. We want families to spend more time eating ice cream together and less time on their computers. I think our business will help people feel happy again!


C'mon, who doesn't love ice cream?!

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